In recent years there's been a groundswell in studies of the ecology of hidden things -- soil biota, genomics, cell biology, the human biome.
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Glorious Obscurity

When you tell people you’re taking a trip, there are some destinations met with a polite but bemused, “Why?” The short answer is that I wanted to; that I love the snow and the cold (and maple syrup). The longer answer involves explaining how characters in a years-long story my Best Friend and I write…
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Sportsball, Yeah!

Evidently being a librarian who is also a sports fanatic is a dubious pairing. There are a handful of my co-workers I discuss our favorite teams with, but for the most part it’s blank stares and gentle ribbing about if my sportsball team won that day. To which I un-ironically respond with a highlight recap they…
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Bite the Bullet Journal

With the beginning of a new year, let alone decade, there can be a strong desire to get one’s life organized and begin again. Quite right. For a few years now, I’ve been fascinated by the growing popularity of bullet journaling, or rapid logging, and its potential for incorporating different techniques of data visualization. In…
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Sound+Vision Spotlight: Thighmaster

The Sound+Vision studio at LPL sees projects that run the gamut. Full bands, singer songwriters, podcasts, oral histories, voice-overs, and plenty more have utilized the extensive audio and video recording capabilities of the studio. These projects also sit across the spectrum from hobbyists and enthusiasts to professionals. Whatever you want to work on, S+V can…
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