Summer Reading

Libraries are launch pads to a universe of stories beyond our own.
This summer, we're challenging Lawrence to reach for the moon by (1) reading what you want and (2) attending an epic array of events designed to explore space and what that means to you. Then we'll (3) shower you with fabulous prizes when you finish!

The library is a dynamic destination for shaking up your routine and learning about new people and places.
It's where you can untether from your comfort zone and carve out time for yourself to read and reflect. No matter how far we travel outward, we can always come home. Let's take this giant leap together!

Reading Logs

Get one here virtually (PDF) or physically at one of our service desks.


What do I get?!

Finisher Forms

Fill out the form to get prizes once you've reached your reading goal!

Adult Finisher Form
5 books or 30 hours
Teens Finisher Form
12 books or 30 total hours
Kids' Finisher Form
12 books or 30 total hours

Summer Reading Catalogs 

Browse our digital version below or grab a paper one at any desk.

Why Summer Reading? Reading is essential over the summer.
Reading engages kids' and teens' brains so the critical skills learned over the school year aren't lost. For adults, Summer Reading encourages sanctioned brain breaks for growth and exploration, and it's proven that it makes us live longer!

View or print this PDF from Mackin Classroom here.

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