On Letting Books Marinate

How do you choose which book to read (or listen to) next? For a long time, I added books to my To Be Read pile based on recommendations from every person under the sun: my mom, my professors, my friends from school, my friends from [insert hobby here], strangers, random bloggers, promotional emails, and so…
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Under a White Sky

Pop quiz! What was the biggest news of 2020? COVID, right? Easy. But maybe species extinction was really the big news, just not quite as in your face. Or how about the climate emergency? Levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide are higher than they’ve been in 3.6 million years, and are only going higher. How about COVID…
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Celebrating AAPI Creators

Content warning // hate crimes - In the aftermath of the March 16th shooting in Atlanta where a white gunman killed eight people, six of them women of Asian descent, celebrated Asian-American author Lisa Ko tweeted, “White supremacy is not going to be dismantled through diverse reading lists.”
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Pick Your Poison

Every now and then I notice totally accidental trends in my reading. Not too long ago it was portal fantasy, repeated traipses through magical doorways leading to other worlds. Those adventures filled me with whimsy and also a dash of pre-pandemic wanderlust. Now I find myself on a darker path. One with a lot less…
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