We'll come to you!

Thanks to Dottie, our new outreach truck, we'll soon be expanding our outreach efforts and bringing more books, movies, library services, events, and more.

Come sign up for a library card, borrow hot titles, get on-the-spot info, ask questions, and learn how the library can actually transform your life!

When it's stormy, above 90º, or below 50º, we'll try for another day.

Imagine more.

2021 4-13 Outreach Ruby Checkers



At the Grocery

At the Food Bank

Meet Dottie, your little mobile library!

Got an outreach question?

Staff 1 Kristin 2

Kristin Soper

Outreach & Events Coordinator
ksoper (at) lplks.org

Staff 1 Evan

Evan Lott

AmeriCorps VISTA Outreach Assessment Facilitator
elott (at) lplks.org

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