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Seed Library

About the Seed Library

Lawrence Picks: Why Grow Your Own?

Odds are good you've heard the buzz about local food--but why exactly is local food so important?

Lawrence Picks: Cooking Fresh Produce

Your garden is a bounty of produce (or you've come home from the farmer's market with your basket filled)--but what do you do now?

Lawrence Picks: L-Town Permies

Permaculture in our community is alive and growing! Explore what resources are available to help you create your own permie-haven.

Growing Food Entrepreneurs

Have you always wanted to start your own food business? Here are some resources to help get you started!

About the LPL Seed Library

Information about the LPL Seed Library

Gardening and Local Food Events

We’ve got your roundup of local plant sales, workshops, and programs to keep you learning and growing!
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