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Staff Directory

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Below are some library point people you can reach out to directly.
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Brad Allen  Executive Director  email | x 102

Brad Allen
x 102

Executive Director


Staff 1 Sherri

Sherri Turner
x 126

Deputy Director


Staff 1 Tricia

Tricia Karlin
x 109

Collection Services Manager


Staff 1 Kathleen

Kathleen Morgan
x 131

Director of Development
+ Community Partnerships

Staff 1 Karen

Karen Allen
x 121

Youth Services Coordinator

Staff 1 Jim

Jim Barnes
x 135

SOUND+VISION Studio Manager

Staff 1 Jeff

Jeff Bergeron
x 145

Accounts Coordinator

Staff 1 Denise

Denise Berkley
x 103


Staff 1 Aaron

Aaron Brumley
x 106

Technology Coordinator

staff a gregor

Gregor Brune
x 152

Book Van Coordinator

Staff 1 Melissa

Melissa Fisher Isaacs
x 113

Information Services Coordinator

Staff 1 Kate

Kate Gramlich
x 136

Community Services

Staff 1 Angela H

Angela Hyde
x 114 / 149

Friends + Volunteer Coordinator

Staff 1 Heather

Heather Kearns
x 123

Marketing Coordinator

Staff 1 Polli

Polli Kenn
x 132

Readers' Services

Staff 1 William

William Ottens
x 137

Cataloging + Collection
Development Coordinator

Staff 1 Jon

Jon Ratzlaff
x 105

Facilities Coordinator

staff a vanessa

Vanessa Reynaga
x 125

Youth Outreach

Staff 1 Erica

Erica Segraves
x 129

Materials Handling Coordinator

Staff 1 Kristin

Kristin Soper
x 122

Programs + Events Coordinator

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