How to Volunteer for the Library

Volunteering is a great way to give back to Lawrence Public Library. We have three volunteer programs to get involved with the library:

  • Library Department Volunteers
    • Limited shelving positions
    • 2-hour shift each week
    • 3 month commitment
  • Friends & Foundation (LPLFF) Volunteers
    • Unlimited positions
    • Flexible schedule
  • VolunTeens
    • 7th-12th graders
    • 1-hour shelving shift each week
    • Semester-long commitment

Step 1: Fill out an application

Our Library Department and LPLFF application can be found here.

Our VolunTeens application is open for the spring semester. If you are in 7-12th grade, please apply for the spring semester. The application can be found here.

Step 2: Attend the New Volunteer Orientation

In orientation, you will learn about all the ways you can support the library as a volunteer. (1 hour)

Step 3: Volunteer Interview

After orientation, we’ll schedule a short interview to get you matched with a department. (15 mins)

Step 4: Attend a training shift

Come in for your first volunteer session with a mentor who will train you and answer any of your questions. (1.5 hours)

Step 5: Volunteer!

Available Positions


If you have any questions, contact Logan by phone or email.


Logan Isaman
x 153

Fundraising + Library Volunteer Specialist

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