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LEFT TO RIGHT: Polli, Ilka, Shirley, Christina, Adam, and Leah

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Polli (she/her)

Loves memoirs, romance, family sagas, sociological musings, books about how or why, wit and wordplay, stories that immerse and transport.


Christina (she/her)

Loves horror movie podcasts, Stephen King, ghost stories, nihilistic endings, anti-heroes, psychological terror, strong heroines, and blood.


Leah (she/her)

Loves high fantasy and historical fiction the most, but will read anything — especially on the recommendation of a fellow bibliophile.


Shirley (she/her)

Loves nature revelry, optimism, creativity, wit, wisdom, intrepid heroines, local authors, mysteries, and thoughtful narrators.

Ilka (she/her)

Ilka (she/her)

Loves poetry and Shakespeare, as well as science fiction, mystery, graphic novels, and memoirs.


Adam (they/them)

Loves portal fantasy, fairy tales, Gothic fiction, true crime podcasts, Queer romance, and short stories.

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