Perspective From Ukraine

On February 24th, I awoke to what felt like typical Thursday morning, engaging in my usual routine of checking social media outlets. It was there, via Instagram, that I learned of the missiling of Kyiv, prompting me to immediately message my friend Yura Ivanov to see if he and his partner Nata were safe. For…
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Bite the Bullet Journal

With the beginning of a new year, let alone decade, there can be a strong desire to get one’s life organized and begin again. Quite right. For a few years now, I’ve been fascinated by the growing popularity of bullet journaling, or rapid logging, and its potential for incorporating different techniques of data visualization. In…
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Trust No One

Trust No One, an anthology curated by Jonathan Maberry, is a love letter for fans, new and not so new, of the realm of The X-Files. The fifteen stories are, in essence, episodes themselves expanding on storylines and involving notable characters. This unabridged collection with a running time of just over fifteen hours is adeptly read by Bronson…
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