On To The Next Thing

Do you know anyone who has a ton of interests? Like they dive deep into something they’re curious about, obsess over it, and then the next week, they’re onto something new? I do. His name is Murphy and he’s my twelve year-old nephew. The kid gets dangerously engrossed in things. I use the word dangerously…
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Library Clearance Rack

When ordering books for the library, we do our best to stay ahead of media buzz so patrons can start queuing up for hot titles.  Reasonably enough, folks get - we’ll say... anxious - if they aren’t able to place a hold on an exciting title when they first hear of it.  This means we try…
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Substitute Materials Handling Assistant 785-843-3833 Small town Kansas girl who loves to embroider, play video games, watch Ghibli movies, and spend time with friends and family. …
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