LPL’s Best Books of 2023

It was another doozy of a year for publishing and here is the blog post you've all been waiting for: LPL Staff's Best Books of 2023.  Chain-gang All-stars "Set in n a near future dystopia where our for-profit prison system has developed a controversial program for capital offenders, this was difficult to read at times…
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Loves Me Like a Rock

When I was a kid my favorite thing about visiting my dad at work was his Pet Rock.  It lived on his desk, a gag gift from a friend, in the original packaging: a box with holes in it, a bed of straw and the whole bit.  I still can’t look at a photo of…
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Bone Chilling Cold Weather Reads

Chilly weather always puts me in the mood for chilling reads - books that have characters fighting for survival in the wintery wilderness or taking shelter in isolated cabins/manors/inns while winter rages outdoors and a killer is lying in wait indoors amongst unsuspecting victims. Books like these send shivers down my spine and I love…
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