Sound+Vision Spotlight: Thighmaster

The Sound+Vision studio, opens a new window at LPL sees projects that run the gamut. Full bands, singer songwriters, podcasts, oral histories, voice-overs, and plenty more have utilized the extensive audio and video recording capabilities of the studio. These projects also sit across the spectrum from hobbyists and enthusiasts to professionals. Whatever you want to work on, S+V can help!

One of the recent highlights to come through is local band Thighmaster, opens a new window. As one can expect by the name, this sextet of garage-pop players are fully immersed in the 90s TV informercial fitness world with easy-going, catchy tunes and sweat-fits to match. Self-described as "garage pop for cool grandmas", their upcoming album Between The Knees and Squeeze was recorded entirely at S+V with the help of local engineer Ross Williams (Wild Eye, Evil Twin). 

One of the main songwriters and guitarist Max Yoder, alongside guitarist Jake Little, said the band entered S+V having already recorded some rough demos and discussed with Williams what sound they were going after. The prep paid off in an easy session where they live tracked the entirety of each song, which adds even more splendor to how well the vocal harmonies in the songs mesh, considering they were tracked simultaneously in one shot.

Between The Knees and Squeeze (set to release January 10th) is the soundtrack to your summertime desires as they're mired in the winter blues. Don't wait until the promise of warm weather to get started on firming your quads and affirming your can-do attitude. Go find that hinged piece of padded piping under the bed, dust it off, pop this album on, and get your reps in!

The seven track EP contains a broad array of sounds and genre influences while still remaining unified and focused. Love ballads "Suzy Somers" and "Jane Fonda You" harken to croony pop of the 60s with a surf rock tinge. The appropriately titled "The Good, The Bad, and The Bowflex" presents a slightly darker, brooding western sound with plenty of plunky guitar chords, atmospheric drum hits, and springy reverb. You can even find yourself drifting serenely down a sunbathed sonic path with "Jillian Michaels Wellness Cruise". No matter the taste for pop nostalgia, Between The Knees and Squeeze likely has a flavor to satiate your desire.

The band also recently signed to Kansas City-based High Dive Records and will release and promote their debut album through the label. They already have taken promotion on the road to regional cities and plan to tour more in support of the album. 

You can preview "Aerobicise" from Between The Knees and Squeeze on their Bandcamp page here, opens a new window.

Join them for their album release show, opens a new window on January 10th at The Brick with Fullbloods and Drugs & Attics.


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-Joel Bonner is a Technology Assistant at Lawrence Public Library.