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Browse rare books, sets, CDs, and DVDs.

Browse over 5,000 books.

Browse vinyl, music CDs, box sets, and DVDs.

In-Person Shopping

There are two ways to shop in person. Come to a scheduled book sale (see calendar) or browse at your leisure anytime at our Friends Express Bookstores in the library. NOTE: Personal shopping appointments are indefinitely paused.

Monthly & Seasonal Book Sale Dates

Book Sale Schedule

What to Expect

Friends Express Bookstores

We have two locations! Both are open during library business hours and are restocked regularly. Pay by check or cash in the red cash box attached to the shelves. Or, scan the QR code on the cash box sign and pay online. It's all on the honor system and you don't have to check in with anyone.

Library Entry Lobby

Located just inside the main library doors. These books are restocked multiple times a week.

Library Lower Level

Located right in front of you when you exit the elevator. If you take the stairs, head down the hall and you'll find the shelves.

Map to Friends Express on Lower Level

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