The library will be closed TUE, Nov 3 for Election Day. For more information, visit our 2020 election and voting page.

LPL Express is open MON-FRI from 10 AM-6 PM and SAT-SUN from 12-6 PM. Masks are required. Aim for a 15-min visit per day unless using the computer lab. Learn more here.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Imagine more: a place to learn, connect, create, and grow.

Vision Statement

Our community thrives through learning, innovation, and opportunity.

Our Values

Respect for people. We treat everyone, and each other, as valued individuals.

Access to information. We ensure access to information for people of all ages, abilities, and means.

Freedom of information. We protect the freedom to read and view all library information.

Community Engagement. We embrace our role as a community anchor.

Quality. We strive to deliver the highest quality services possible and pledge to be friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable.

Core services without charge. We provide basic library services free of charge.

Stewardship. We hold ourselves accountable for the efficient and effective use of all resources — people, time, assets, and funds.

Strategic Initiatives


The Library is a place where people can learn together.
The Library is a learning organization for staff.


The Library will continually rethink traditional library services.
The Library will establish a process for outcomes evaluation.


The Library will inspire people to connect more deeply as a community.
The Library will empower residents to connect with the opportunities in their community.
The Library will explore public/private collaborations in order to strengthen its organizational structure.

Black Lives Matter statement, June 5, 2020

Library letter of solidarity in support of Black, Indigenous, and LGBTQIA Lives, October 19, 2016

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