Wild Times

Next to me sit two fat books, over 1,500 Pulitzer Prize-winning pages, on J. Robert Oppenheimer and the atomic bomb. Which with some effort I will now push aside, despite my interest in the matter. There are other issues of importance at hand. Two new titles on the theme of wilderness have held my attention…
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Monster Romance 101

Monster Romance has been quietly gaining traction and quietly evolving within the Romance genre for years. But before we dive into the history, let’s define our genre a bit. Monster Romance encompasses any romance that features a main character/love interest that is decidedly not human. They can be an alien, mythical creature, dinosaur, cryptid, etc…
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Ten years ago I boldly reviewed a book called Reinventing Bach, despite the fact that I'm musically illiterate. Against some coworkers' advice, I've also posted a rather negative review of an up-and-coming author's book (which several people told me they appreciated), and even "reviewed" a book I hadn't read. Now I'm going to try to…
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