Partaking of the Miraculous

As mentioned previously in this space, several excellent books on whales and ocean life washed ashore among the flotsam of the first pandemic year, Floating Coast and Fathoms, to name two favorites. So I stopped in my tracks when I chanced upon a review of a new book called Albert and the Whale. The book…
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Regarding Tardigrades

For the past few years I’ve been obsessed with a mysterious display case at the Baker Wetlands Discovery Center. It contains a number of carved wooden models of tiny creatures called tardigrades, derived from the Latin "slow walker." Also known as “water bears” for their bear-like shape, these microfauna have inched their way into the…
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Fall Reads for Kids

Can you believe the summer has flown by and kiddos are back in school? This summer started so full of optimism and then quickly took a turn for the ominous as the fall approached. Even though there isn't a chill in the air quite yet, I feel like people are ready more than ever for…
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Trying to Make Sense

This week, I came into writing my blog post with no idea what to write. Usually, I am brimming with ideas but end up waiting until the last minute to write—a terrible lifelong habit of procrastinating. I was going to write about Shrek and the movie’s influence on internet culture. However, upon searching for the…
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The Sky is the Limit

My Dad always told me I could be anything I wanted to be, but like a lot of parents he seemed to have something specific in mind. He first acquired his pilot's license in 1977 and by time I was born a decade later, he was well and truly in love with the wild blue…
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Fantasy With a Twist

Even with beautiful world building, an interesting magic system and characters you adore, fantasy can become predictable. There’s a hero, a quest, an evil to defeat or overcome, and then everything gets tied up tidily at the end (unless there’s a massive cliff-hanger to kick off the rest of a series). Have you been here…
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Welp, I Guess I Might Be Old Now

By the time you're reading this, I will have already turned thirty. My feelings about this new decade are complicated, complex, a combination of external messaging and internal angst. Somehow I have made it to this age, the age where I am supposedly an adult, and yet, contradictorily, the year 2000 still does seem that…
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004: The Community’s Living Room

In this episode, we chat with Erin, our amazing, special Community Resources Specialist, about urgent community resource questions we receive at the desk and the relationship between social work and librarianship. Local emergency shelter resources are highlighted in this episode, but we’ll talk food, transportation, and more in later episodes - so stay tuned! O&P…
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003: Your Hometown Librarians

Hazlett and Ruby talk Lawrence history! We discuss where in the library you can find books about Lawrence, what our local history room has to offer, what it means to be a hometown librarian, and why Lawrence past is also Lawrence… now times… By the way, 978.165 is actually the call number for Douglas County. But Lawrence is a big part of Douglas County, so we’re calling it a win.
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