Things Found In Books

Growing up, I spent lots of time rifling through my grandmother’s drawer of pictures, postcards, and momentos.  Hours buzzed by while I imagined what it was like to live on that southern Missouri farm, or to see this baby bracelet on my newborn grandfather’s ankle. I loved how the souvenirs of the past felt silent…
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Little Orphan Angie

Like any good child of the eighties, my first foray into relating to a fellow orphan happened with that precocious, red-haired girl pining for the family she’d never known on the window sill of the Hudson Street Orphanage.   Until last month, it took two fictional accounts of orphans to make me realize that I’d…
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Getting Hygge

Late in 2016 I came across an article touting hygge, pronounced “hoo-gah”, as the newest happiness trend that could help everyone make sense of a tough year. After reading about the candle-lit, warm-blanket, fuzzy-socked Danish tradition of getting cozy, I deemed myself a hygge natural and moved on. Yet, that funny little word stuck with…
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