Hiccups Have a CURE!

The cure for hiccups is 20 years old. I was floored when I heard this claim on the radio last month. So why have I spent hours of my life wishing there was an easy way to end this mild inconvenience? Why are there a million hiccup “cures” out there? The answer is as ridiculous…
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Gift Locally (And on a Budget)

Gift-giving season is here, but budgets are getting tighter. I’ve got three ways to make this season easier on your wallet and beneficial for our community: 1. Get Creative with the Sound + Vision Studio Your library card gives you access to a recording studio, a digitization suite, and all the video, audio and graphics…
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#@!%, I Swear

I love a well placed swear word the way some folks love a well-written song lyric.  As a kid, swearing was my way of feigning maturity while lightly pushing the boundaries of societal norms.  As a teenage anarchist, swear words flowed freely from my lips to show everyone just how much I didn’t care about…
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