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Library Art Exhibits

If you're an artist or group of artists living in Lawrence or Douglas County, Kansas we encourage you to apply!

Lawrence Public Library hosts art exhibits that reflect the diversity of both the voices in our community and our collections. Views and opinions expressed in the library’s art spaces are those of the artist and do not necessarily reflect official policy or position of Lawrence Public Library.

LPL Exhibit & Display Policy
LPL Art Exhibit & Community Display Guidelines

Ready to apply? Great!

(1) Using the blue calendar arrows, scroll through our public exhibit calendar to find the next available month. This will be your "preferred date" on the exhibit application.

(2) Take 3 photos (JPG) of the work you plan to exhibit because you'll need to upload them in the application.

(3) Please allow 60 days for application review. If you've exhibited at the library in the past, solo artists may reapply 5 years past their last exhibit date; multi-artist groups may reapply 3 years past their last group show.

Public Exhibit Calendar

We're currently booking for late 2025–2026.

Questions? Email the Art Team at:

Angela Longhurst

Exhibit applications

Traci Bunkers

Exhibit technical support

Heather Kearns

Exhibit policies & feedback

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