The Dirt

Last month, three librarians and their graphic designer bestie took the trip of their lives. They spent ten glorious days in the neighborhood of Paris known as Montmartre drinking wine, eating indescribably delicious food, and gazing at art at every turn. It was a dream of a vacation. A sophisticated, lovely week with not a…
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An Ode to George Bailey

Not loving Jimmy Stewart was not in the cards for me. Growing up, my mother had such an affection for him that he seemed like a distant part of the family. Fearless in her unrequited, faux-familial love, we spent a week in Beverly Hills in the late 1980s, in what can only be described as…
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I’ll Never Let Go

Noon, 10 April, 1912: Titanic sets sail on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England. 23:40, 14 April, 1912: Titanic strikes iceberg on starboard side of ship in Atlantic Ocean. 02:20, 15 April, 1912: Titanic sinks into the Atlantic after splitting in half. 19 December, 1997: Movie-goers flood into theaters to watch James Cameron's epic, Titanic, starring Kate…
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