065: “We’re back, we’re back!”

Welcome back to the Book Squad Podcast! In this episode Adam and Polli talk about the books they're reading this month and what the book clubs have been up to lately. Stick around for a special guest and to hear more about the annual Squad Goals challenge.

What's the first book you're planning to read this year? 

The Book Squad Podcast is recorded in the SOUND+VISION Studio at Lawrence Public Library. A big shout out to the incredibly talented Heidi Gluck for composing our jingle, and for Joel Bonner for editing the show. 


All the books mentioned... 

"You Just Need to Lose Weight"

Adam's first read of the year

What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Fat


Polli's first read of the year

Spinning Silver


The Bear and the Nightingale


The Fair Fight

Adam's hidden gem


Polli's hidden gem


Ilka's hidden gem

Lessons in Chemistry

Second Thursday

Joan Is Okay

Social Justice Book Club


The Long Way to A Small, Angry Planet

Queer Book Club 


Queer Book Club

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Last Wednesday