Star Wars Reads Day 2020

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... I fell in love with Star Wars. I need Star Wars and the Expanded Universe (I will never call it Legends, Disney, you can't make me!) as the flower needs the sun. So you can imagine my absolute joy, when I learned after getting my job at LPL that we hosted a Star Wars Reads Day party every year. Not only do I get to geek out about Star Wars to anyone who will listen, but I get to share my love of Ewoks and lightsabers and Mara Jade with other Star Wars nerds. This year is no exception. No, we won't be able to have LPL's auditorium full of crafts and Yoda soda and pod racing. But we'll all be able to chat wampas and kyber crystals and duologies in the Force online this year. We've got crafts, an escape room, a chance to chat with a Star Wars cosplayer, cool LEGO builds by KC Brick Lab, a virtual costume contest, a draw along, and we're capping off the day of virtual fun with trivia. 

Star Wars Draw Along with Matt & Kent
SAT | Oct 3 | 1 PM | Zoom
Ages 5+
Matt and Kent are our only hope for bringing the best draw along in the galaxy to your living rooms! Have a pencil and paper handy as they teach you how to draw. We’ve got a great feeling about this.

Interview with Star Wars Cosplayers
SAT | Oct 3 | 3:30 PM | Zoom
All Ages
Join a cool cast of cosplayers from a galaxy far, far away to learn the ins and outs of Star Wars costuming. Ever wanted to know how a Jedi makes their robes? Curious about the ins and outs of Rebel fashion? This digital event is for you!

Star Wars Trivia
SAT | Oct 3 | 7 PM | Zoom
All Ages
Join us on Zoom for Star Wars fan trivia. Whether you’re a Jedi Master, a Rebel Leader, a Sith Lord, or only a Padawan Learner, these questions will challenge the best of you! Play in teams, or ride Solo, and show off your knowledge of the Star Wars universe! Please register to receive Zoom information. Register online or call 785-843-3833. 

Out of This World Collections
SAT | Oct 3 | 10 AM | Facebook & YouTube
Tune in to see the biggest, weirdest, or cuddliest Star Wars collections out there.

The Lightsaber Quest: Online Escape Room
SAT | Oct 3 | All Day
All Ages
Test your wits and see if you can find a kyber crystal then make your way out of the Crystal Cave of Illum in this virtual puzzle! Start the quest!

Take & Make Craft: MUG MUG
MON- SAT | Sep 28- Oct 3 | All Day | Readers’ Theater
Stop by the Readers’ Theater at the library starting 9/28 to pick up materials to create your own Star Wars themed sharpie mug and ingredients to make a personal mug cake. 

Virtual Costume Contest
MON- SAT | Sep 28- Oct 3 | All Day | Email & Facebook
Wookies, and Jedi, and Vader, oh my! Join us in our first ever Star Wars Reads Day digital costume contest. Send in your photos to "email" for a chance to win a prize! Please note that photos will be posted to social media.

Star Wars LEGOs Up Close w/ KC Brick Lab
SAT | Oct 3 | All Day | Facebook & YouTube
Go behind the scenes with the KC Brick Lab as they show you some of the coolest Star Wars LEGO models in the galaxy. We’ll have 2 awesome videos of excellent Star Wars builds.

LEGO Death Star Time-Lapse Build

LEGO Death Star Tour

LEGO Group Trench Build