2024 Scavenger Hunt: Side Quest

So you think you can handle an extra challenge? This side quest is not for the faint of heart! If you think you and your party of adventurers can handle it, here’s what you’ll need to do. After you have collected the enchanted artifact from each park, you’ll click on the links below to verify what object you found, then you’ll have to use your knowledge and wits to solve perilous puzzles and dizzying dilemmas. After you have solved the question, you’ll collect pieces of an ancient riddle that only you can answer. The riddle will give you the directions to the secondary side quest prize! That’s right, you’ll get a pin PLUS another secret side quest prize. Are you ready for an adventure?

Brave Adventurer- before you click on the links remember that there may be spoilers! If you don’t want to know any of the potential objects that are hidden in the parks, wait to do this at the very end. We have scattered some extra enchanted artifacts in, if you’d like to do it as you go along! The Side Quests and any of the parks can be done in any order. 

After you finish the Scavenger Hunt + the Side Quest, you can input your answers into the general form with all the other Questers this summer. The finishing form also contains a *hint* on what to do with your ancient riddle if you're stuck. Finish the Scavenger Hunt here.

The Side Quest above is part of our annual Summer Scavenger Hunt. The theme this year is Quest for the Enchanted Artifacts.

You can learn more about it at this link to the event listing.

You can keep track of your answers on paper by printing this PDF version of the Scavenger Hunt.