Mysterious Spooky Scavenger Hunt

Do you remember Game of Gnomes? Name that Tune? We here at LPL love to throw a good scavenger hunt and we've whipped up the spookiest mystery for you to solve this October! Hunt around 13 spooktacular parks and find 18 adorable ghosts (You read that right, some parks have more than one ghost), collect the clues, and solve the mystery! You can pick up a copy of the directions at the library or print your own at home. Wanting to go all digital? Here's a Google map, opens a new window to start you on the hunt. Ready, set, GHOST!

All finished? Here are the forms you need to fill out to complete the scavenger hunt. You can fill out either one (or both) and then come pick up your prize at the Library.

Finisher Form- Not So Spooky*

Finisher Form- Spookier*
      The forms will be open for submissions starting on 10/12.

*Both forms contain spoilers! If you want to find all the ghosts and try to guess what the clues lead up to, leave the form til the very end.