Three Picture books that make a Splash!

On my inaugural Sunday Storytime in June, I let the warm weather inspire me and put together a swimming theme.The three books I am highlighting are sure to get your young reader in the mood for a dip in the pool to beat the summer heat!

Jabari Jumps tells the story of a determined youngster who is setting his sights on the diving board, but is he ready for that first big leap? This a sweet tale of Jabari confronting his fear and finding his bravery with gentle encouragement from his loving father. This lovely book features diverse characters and engaging illustrations that give the reader a kid's eye view of the world. With Jabari Jumps, author Gaia Cornwall shares the message that it is OK to be scared and take your time when trying something new!

The family in Rattletrap Car has a problem—Junie is hot, Jakie is hot, Poppa is hot and event the baby is hot, hot, hot! They decide that a dip in the cool lake is the answer, so they load up their rattletrap car with their beach ball, a surfboard, a three-speed, wind-up, paddle-wheel boat, razzleberry dazzleberry snazzleberry fizz and chocolate marshmallow fudge delight and head down the road. On they way the encounter a series of mechanical breakdowns that are solved with some inventive engineering solutions!  Author Phillis Root uses rhyming text and delightful sounds that build upon another every time the car is repaired, making this whimsical book is perfect for a read aloud for young kids.

In Don't Splash the Sasquatch! by Kent Redeker, the title character loves lounging poolside, however he hates getting wet because his fur gets all squizzilefied— a problem those of us with curly hair can relate to. Shenanigans ensue as increasingly delightful creatures take turns jumping off of the diving board, effectively soaking poor Señor Sasquatch! This a silly and nonsensical story complete with adorably bizarre illustrations by Bob Stakke.