cloudLibrary App

The cloudLibrary app enables users to access and use virtual library cards and manage multiple accounts from smartphones, tablets, and ereaders.

“This app is a great tool for library power users who want to be on the cutting edge and families who want to manage many accounts practically, at a single point of access,” says Aaron Brumley, technology coordinator.

The new service point is can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or from the Apple Store.

The app is authored by Bibliotheca™ – the same company LPL utilizes for its self-check kiosk system.

cloudLibrary is in beta test phase and LPL is one of the first libraries to provide it to patrons.

“We’re excited about providing this service and the increased convenience it will bring for our patrons,” says Jeffrey Bergeron, accounts coordinator.


    • App-based virtual library card
      The cloudLibrary app stores patrons’ library card credentials virtually, so that a physical card is unnecessary to check out materials as long as a patron has their mobile phone at the ready with app installed.
    • Mobile account management
      cloudLibrary users can choose to use the app in lieu of or in addition to the library’s browser-based catalog for mobile account management, including:     
      • Access to digital borrowing history
      • View holds
      • Set up and receive due date notifications
      • Add multiple library cards to a single account
      • Switch between accounts using a single login
      • Access video tutorials via the app itself

Additional features

    • “My Book Bag” - Users can mark off which items they’ve collected before leaving home
    • Geotagging for reminders and updates when near the library

How to use it

Available now:

  • at the App Store
  • at the Google Play Store
  • Download and install, using Lawrence Public Library as your library choice and entering your library card and PIN
  • Start using all the features and give us a call, start a live chat or visit with a staff member at the Accounts Desk for assistance
  • You can use the virtual library card at any of the self-checks in the library


  • The app’s description emphasizes the digital library feature that is not available as a part of LPL’s plan.
  • To help further develop the product, and demonstrate its usefulness to LPL for continuation of use, patrons are encouraged to provide feedback
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