Borrow a button maker

Beginning in March 2019, LPL makes it easier for you to wear your heart on your sleeve.
Borrow a button maker and, for a two-hour checkout period, you can have fun creating slogans, art, swag, and 2D visible signals about who you are on the inside. Then pin 'em anywhere you please.

How to borrow a button maker

  • Like our Chrome Books, these button makers check out for 2 hours from the Tech Desk on the library's lower level.
  • There are two button makers - one for a small button and one for a standard-sized button.
  • You can bring your own button making supplies or purchase a supply packet at the Tech Desk.
  • We hope to begin offering the button makers in March 2019.

Learn to make buttons

If you need help operating a button maker, Tech staff can give you a quick assist, or you can book a one-on-one session for a more in-depth tutorial, or check out these online resources.

Button Universityopens a new window

Print a blank template

Print library buttons