004: The Community’s Living Room

In this episode, we chat with Erin, our amazing, special Community Resources Specialist, about urgent community resource questions we receive at the desk and the relationship between social work and librarianship. Local emergency shelter resources are highlighted in this episode, but we’ll talk food, transportation, and more in later episodes - so stay tuned! O&P…
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003: Your Hometown Librarians

Hazlett and Ruby talk Lawrence history! We discuss where in the library you can find books about Lawrence, what our local history room has to offer, what it means to be a hometown librarian, and why Lawrence past is also Lawrence… now times… By the way, 978.165 is actually the call number for Douglas County. But Lawrence is a big part of Douglas County, so we’re calling it a win.
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002: How to Argue about Info (Don’t)

In this episode, Hazlett and Ruby are joined by Theresa, another member of the Ask Desk team, in a discussion about misinformation, reputable sources, and trying not to let fights over information fracture relationships with loved ones. It gets heavy, folks! Listen in for some straightforward info referrals — we love our health databases! — and some lamenting about social media.
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001: Say No to Microfilm

Welcome to our Oranges & Peaches podcast! In our very first episode, hosts Hazlett and Ruby introduce the show (and explain why the heck we called a library podcast Oranges & Peaches!) and dig into one of our favorite library resources — digital newspaper archives! Oranges & Peaches is recorded in the SOUND+VISION Studio at Lawrence Public Library…
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How To Do… Anything?

Regular readers of the blog will know: How-To Tuesdays are upon us. In this how-to season of yore, I thought I might learn a new skill by reading a library book. Just a nice, small project: read a book, learn a thing. Couldn’t be too hard, right? Well. Searching “how to” in our catalog yields…
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On Letting Books Marinate

How do you choose which book to read (or listen to) next? For a long time, I added books to my To Be Read pile based on recommendations from every person under the sun: my mom, my professors, my friends from school, my friends from [insert hobby here], strangers, random bloggers, promotional emails, and so…
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A Year of Mending Holes

2020 taught me many things, and most of them can be described as “icky.” I’ll spare you the details -- you lived through all of them, too. Some of the things I learned were good, though, and it was of course a stack of library books that facilitated the best thing I learned this year:…
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(Web) Archiving the Pandemic

As dedicated blog-readers will know, this library is above-and-beyond awesome in a lot of ways. Lest you should think you’ve uncovered all of the library’s secrets, I have another way in which the library is awesome to share with you. And that is: we archive the internet! Since we’re having a big, collective experience of…
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