The UnBEARably Shocking Truth!

So, Berenstain Bears. Yes, not Berenstein, though that’s an entirely different blogpost. The Bear Family; Mama, Papa, Sister, and Brother have been staples of children’s literature since 1962 and still find themselves going on all sorts of bear-related adventures to this day. That’s 57 years worth of stories! One thing that’s always struck me as…
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Board Game Shenanigans!

Working in libraries is VERY serious work. No fun, ever. Okay, I'm just kidding. Working at the Lawrence Public Library is far and beyond the most enjoyable job I've ever had. I get to spend my day talking with kiddos about books they like, making crafts, and meeting fantastic people. One thing I've never done…
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Stay Cool With Even Cooler DIYs

As you're all probably aware, it's been far too toasty this summer. While swimming, ice cream, and of course the Lawrence Public Library as options to stay cool are AMAZING, you need something else. Swimming can come with sunburns, ice cream gets melty, and the LPL eventually closes for the night. For these tough times…
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