012: The Isopodcast

We’re joined by Gabby of the Sexual Trauma & Abuse Care Center, who dug around the closet at their office and found some artifacts: newspaper clippings, curriculum guides, untitled VHS tapes, and lots more… Listen in for a chat about bugs and turning piles into archives. 

Oranges & Peaches is recorded in the SOUND+VISION Studio at Lawrence Public Library. Thanks to Joel Bonner for composing our jingle and editing the show.

O&P Show Notes

Have we told you about the SOUND+VISION Studio?! That’s where we record, and it’s great! 


The Seed Library closed at the end of April! Come back next year for more seeds. 🙂 (You can get five packets of vegetable, fruit, herb, and native flower seeds EVERY YEAR for FREE!)

On April 27th, we had a beautiful writing workshop at the Lawrence Community Orchard! Megan Kaminski led us in “listening to place.” She has plenty more workshops if you missed this one: check them out here.

The How-To Festival is coming up on June 25th! Come see Yilan tie her shoes really fast (and lots of other fun skills). 

Bug talk! Gabby has recently developed an interest in isopods (technically crustaceans), which are like roly-polys. Gabby got their isopods at Pet World, and you can learn more about them here.  We know you’re tempted to adopt your own isopod colony… 

The Care Center is celebrating its 50th year! Woohoo! They just created a court advocacy position, more changes are on the horizon, and it’s prompting some introspection. 

*The question*: The Care Center has so much physical ephemera! How do we preserve, digitize, and collect it in a way that stewards the legacy of the Care Center?

The library can offer tools, spaces, and advice about best practices. Scanners! Digitization machines! The studio for digitizing and recording oral histories and using expensive editing and production software, the local history room with a big flat-bed scanner and multiple microfilm readers, the computer lab

Digital Douglas County History is a public-facing repository for local ephemera (including the stuff in your closet!). Keep an eye out for events this summer where we’ll be collecting and digitizing materials (and, of course, we’ll talk about it on the podcast). 

Community Webs archives the internet (a newfangled “site” of local events-as-they-become-history)! You can submit sites that are important to you here

And never forget about interlibrary loan. 🙂

Gabby is reading...

The Library of the Unwritten

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Bobcat & Other Stories

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Ancillary Mercy

The Body Keeps the Score

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