015: How to be an advocate!

Welcome to Oranges & Peaches! This month we're joined by Pantaleon Florez III, of Maseualkualli Farms, a no-till, no fossil fuel farm in Lawrence to talk about his Food as a Public Work project and how to advocate for the things you care about. 

Oranges & Peaches is recorded in the SOUND+VISION Studio at Lawrence Public Library. Thanks to Joel Bonner for composing our jingle and editing the show.

O&P Show Notes:


Our question: How do I advocate for the thing I’m really passionate about, where do I start?

Panta is reading... 

Assorted high contrast baby books and Flora: The Aztec Herbal (sorry, LPL doesn’t have a copy!) About the Florentine Codex.

Ruby is reading...

Working Like a Homosexual: Camp, Capital, Cinema by Matthew Tinkcom 

Hazlett is reading...

Moon of the Crusted Snow

Sea of Tranquility

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