Intriguing Non-Fiction


Another year, another blog post highlighting nonfiction books! If you missed the last two they are here and here. While the nonfiction section can be daunting because of Dewey and the quantity of different subjects, it can also be a treasure trove of exciting information, you just have to know your subject of interest and let the catalog search do the rest. More of a fiction reader? Don't worry there are a myriad of nonfiction titles that read like a good fiction story, Hidden Valley Road, is one such book that will leave you enraptured and unable to put the book down. 

I've gotten very familiar with the nonfiction collection over the last two years and I am still just as excited and in awe of the variety of books I come across as I was in the beginning. There is honestly no shortage of interesting subjects to read about and when you love pop culture and history as much as I do there is always something exciting to sink your teeth into. So without further ado, here are some nonfiction books that have looked intriguing over the last year. 


After reading Britney Spears memoir this book is a good companion to further delve into the struggles many famous women of the 2000’s had to deal with. The medias treatment of these women was awful and it went on to shape how many of us felt about not only ourselves but those around us. 

The Secret Life of Hidden Places

Architecture is really cool! Hidden and funky architecture is even cooler. This book highlights some of the most interesting designs buildings have across the world and details history on them. One such example in this book is the Winchester Mystery house, and if you frequented the travel channel as a kid you know exactly what kind of interesting buildings will be featured. 

American Castle

Did you know Mar-a-Lago actually predates Donald Trump and has a really fascinating history? Neither did I until I found this book. It was originally built by a businesswoman and socialite in the 1920’s and after her death in the 70’s she left it to the National Parks service, but that’s only part of the story so you’ll have to read to find out the rest. 

Work It Out

Who doesn’t love to lie down?! I find it incredibly hard to motivate myself to work out after being at work all day when my bed is calling and I am tired. If you are like me this book is a nice change of pace from exercise books. Tips for low maintenance exercises and someone telling you it’s okay to just do a little because that’s better than nothing at all. 

Queens of A Fallen World

I was raised Catholic and I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a little excited about saint stories even to this day. This one in particular is very interesting because it’s all about the women in St. Augustine of Hippos life, including his mother, St. Monica. Fascinating book with not only insights to St. Augustine’s life but also to the world in which he and the women in his life lived. 

So Fetch

A history of the movie Mean Girls and how its lasting legacy has shaped not only teen movies but pop culture as a whole. The perfect read for the 20th anniversary of Mean Girls release in theaters, which just so happens to be this month. 

Wandermore in Kansas

A travel guide to every single incorporated town in Kansas! Need a fun day trip or just want to explore the state here’s a fun book highlighting towns and their history while showcasing photos and various locations to visit. 

Crimes of the Centuries

History is full of law changing moments and crimes are often at the heart of that. This book details a variety of law changing crimes that have taken place over time, what happened, the legacy left behind, and the laws that stemmed from the unimaginable. 

Hopefully there is something here to catch your eye, and if not think of a subject and pop it into the catalogs search bar and see what intriguing books you find!

-Mary Gomer is a Cataloging Assistant at Lawrence Public Library.