Consider leaving a legacy letter to your loved ones

One of the ways to tell your life story, as discussed in our classes last week, is to leave a legacy letter, also known as an ethical will.

A legacy letter is a heartfelt expression of what matters most in your life, shared with people you care about with the intention of connecting future generations to the past.

It can be written to an individual or a group (your children, siblings, friends, colleagues, community) and can contain:

  • Your life lessons and values
  • Blessings and gratitude for what life has given you
  • Your hopes and dreams for the future
  • Expressions of love, regret and forgiveness
  • Anything else you’d like to say to preserve your stories and wisdom for future generations.

​Sitting down to write a legacy letter allows you to take stock of your life in a non-material way and reflect on what really matters. It isn’t easy, but most people find the process tremendously illuminating and rewarding.

You can write your legacy letter and share it with recipients now or leave it to be found after your passing. It’s up to you.

Or, consider reading your legacy letter on camera or as an audio recording, allowing recipients to see or hear you express your sentiments in your own voice. You can do that at home with a smartphone and the right app or with our help in the library’s Sound + Vision Studio, opens a new window. To schedule an appointment, call 785-843-3833 x 151.

​Now, start writing!

​-Cathy Hamilton