Wheeeee…. We’re Bowling!

Our first Retirement Boot Camp Wii Bowling League got rolling yesterday in the Teen Zone with eight intrepid—and super fun—bowlers on two “lanes” (read: TV screens.) Fueled by delicious coffee and mini cinnamon rolls (healthier offerings to come in the future), the first session was devoted to learning how to bowl using remote controllers instead of heavy bowling balls. (So much easier on the old back and shoulders.) 

Fortunately, we had our patient and not-at-all-snarky millennial, Logan, to show us the technological ropes (you got your A button and your B button… it’s not hard at all) and a couple of Wii Bowling veterans, Jack and Maureen Altman, who shared strategy and style tips learned from playing with their 13-year-old grandson. 

Within a few minutes, we were bowling like champs. Okay. Not champs, exactly. But, we had a blast and there is potential for greatness in some of us… just not me, necessarily. There were plenty of strikes and spares and not one gutterball… that I saw, anyway. But then, I was pretty busy having a great time. 

We still have room for more bowlers on an additional “lane.” I strongly encourage you to give it a try. We’ll meet every Tuesday morning from 10-11:30 am in the Teen Zone, through December 3rd, although you don’t have to commit to the entire season. Coffee, tea, and treats are provided. You can sign up by calling the aforementioned millennial, Logan Isaman, at 785-843-3833 x 153 or email her at lisaman@lpks.org.

-Cathy Hamiton, Retirement Boot Camp Drill Sergeant 

Wii Bowling and Retirement Boot Camp are funded by a generous grant from the Kansas Health Foundation.