017: New Year, New Reads

We took a break from our usual format to bring you this special episode FULL of ideas for bookish/reading New Year resolutions, and books to help you with your non-book-related resolutions!

Books to help you accomplish your goals:



Eating better

Financial goals

Bookish resolution ideas:

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Some ideas for the Book Squad Goals reading challenge for 2018! (Download the PDF)

  1. ThrillerThe Woman in the Window & The upcoming book by B.A. Paris!
  2. #OwnVoices bookNo One is Coming to Save Us & Sour HEART (not Sour Grapes, wtf)
  3. Book with character’s name in titlePollyanna & Man Called Ove
  4. Book about mythical creaturePete’s Dragon (ha) & The Last Unicorn
  5. Book about naturePilgrim at Tinker Creek & The Home Place
  6. Book with an LGBTQ+ protagBad Boy & Fist of the Spider Woman
  7. Non-fiction book on topic you don’t know much aboutThe Morning They Came for Us & The Soul of an Octopus
  8. Urban Fiction book: Justice Hustlers series by Aya De Leon & Heist
  9. Anthology of SS by multi authorsWalking the Clouds & Meanwhile, Elsewhere
  10. Book by author with disabilityThe Reason I Jump & Run
  11. True crime book / fic based on true crimeIn Cold Blood
  12. Book set in the futureNever Let Me Go & California
  13. Book you’ve been meaning to finish: TELL US WHAT YOU’RE READINGGGGGG

Want even MORE recommendations for this year’s BSG? Check out Meredith’s post.

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ALSO, from Polli: Cap’n O.G. Readmore PSA, but there are whole stories that he narrates, like Jack and the Beanstalk.

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