053: Apodcastalypse

What better to read during a time of great societal upheaval and the breakdown of basic norms and values than compelling novel that explores the psychology of dealing with a plague? That's what we thought, too! Tune in to our discussion of The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker, which we call "Apocalypse Lite." (Heads up: the book does not end in earth-shattering disaster.) 

*** Note: this book is available on Overdrive/the Libby app in both ebook and e-audio formats.

*** Note #2: This podcast was recorded on Zoom and the audio quality is not as stellar as our Sound & Vision Studio recordings. Thanks, Jim, for adapting so quickly! 

A mysterious sleeping sickness hits a college campus in a California town isolated from surrounding areas by deep wilderness. The novel follows several college students and community members as the news and sickness spreads. It is a profound look at how we think about and talk about (and respond to) plague or illness, which is particularly timely in time of COVID-19. Special thanks to one of our long-time listeners, Fred, who recommended that we take this journey!

quote from The Dreamers by Karen Thompson WalkerThis is a reminder that LPL will be closed until May 17th.

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