An Interview With Heidi Lynne Gluck – Sound+Vision Sessions

Sound+Vision Sessions is 7-9 p.m. Friday June 22, 2018 and features the incredibly talented and esteemed singer/songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Heidi Lynne Gluck. 

Heidi's music blends elements of folk, rock, and indie influences, while often remaining united by a hauntingly beautiful, melancholic mood. The concert marks a second installment of new, after-hours live music series that showcases artists whose music is available for checkout from the library. The event is family-friendly and all ages are welcome.

Q & A

To gear up for the event, I asked Heidi a few questions to gain perspective on the time she has spent in the Lawrence community, as well as what we can expect from her upcoming performance.

JB: How long have you been involved in the Lawrence music community?

HG: Just a little over a decade. I appeared on my first Lawrence record (The Only Children's Change of Living) in 2005. My first Lawrence show was before I lived here. I was on tour with my old band, Some Girls, in 2003. We played a fun show at the Bottleneck, and Lawrence left a great impression on me! Starting in 2006, I have been a side-man in a number of Lawrence bands, and also perform solo and with my own band.

JB: What do you enjoy most about the Lawrence community, both music and at large?

HG: Lawrence has always struck me as a great place to have a balanced life. I’m grateful to live in a place that is as great for my child to grow up as it is for me to grow as a musician. The coziest time for Lawrence music is when all the students go home and the townies take the Replay back for a little while.

JB: What is your favorite library moment?

HG: Can’t choose one. In no particular order:

  1. Taking my toddler to see Truckstop Honeymoon in the old library auditorium (this was right after we moved to town and it felt really special).
  2. Walking into the beautiful new building a few years ago.
  3. Hosting a recital for my young music students and watching them perform so confidently.
  4. Driving by on Saturday mornings and seeing the line out the door before LPL opens. Warms my heart!
  5. Using the highly functional Sound & Vision Studio.
  6. Anticipating the Mavis Staples interview.

JB: The Summer Reading theme at LPL is "Libraries Unplugged." What can your audience expect from your performance that reflects this theme?

HG: I am going to do a rare acoustic performance and a big unplugged treat for me is to get to use the fantastic grand piano in the auditorium. I CAN’T WAIT.


I have seen Heidi perform countless times over the last few years, and I can assure you this concert is not one you want to miss. Her talent and prowess command the attention of everyone in the room when she performs, and I have never left unimpressed. To get ready for the event, be sure to check out Heidi's two most recent releases, Pony Show and The Only Girl in the Room, from our catalog, and watch her music video for "Better Homes and Gardens" from her Pony Show LP.

See Heidi perform in the auditorium of LPL June 22!

By Joel Bonner, Lawrence Public Library Technology Assistant |

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