068: The People of the Book

Welcome back to the Book Squad Podcast! This month we're giving recommendations for Jewish American Heritage Month, but they're perfect picks for any time of the year. In this episode you'll find magical realism books, fairytales, messy coming-of-age stories, spicy romance, and more! There's something for everyone in this episode. 

Happy reading!

The Book Squad Podcast is recorded in the SOUND+VISION Studio at Lawrence Public Library. A big shout out to the incredibly talented Heidi Gluck for composing our jingle, and for Joel Bonner for editing the show. 


All the books mentioned... 

The World That We Knew

The Golem and the Jinni

The Wolf and the Woodsman

Juniper & Thorn

Spinning Silver


The Intimacy Experiment

My Last Innocent Year


Eternal Life

When the Angels Left the Old Country

Good Omens

People Love Dead Jews

The Cooking Gene




The Poppy War

Gideon the Ninth

Harrow the Ninth

Allow Me to Retort

Never Say You Can't Survive