051: Meet Me at the Podcast

Want a read that's sweet but not sugary, and philosophical without making you feel dumb? Listen up, folks! Grab some raspberries....

This episode is ALL about the She Said/She Said: Meet Me at the Museum by Anne Youngson

From Shelf Awareness: "What does one's life look like on paper? In hindsight? Through the eyes of a dear friend? These are the questions at the heart of Anne Youngson's wonderful epistolary novel, Meet Me at the Museum." The author's debut came out when she was 70 years old, and features characters who claim to have "More behind us than ahead of us." 

What follows is a beautiful story of friendship and self-discovery that plays out in a series of letters between Tina and Anders. We like to describe it as being sweet but NOT gushy or sugary, more.... real and open. Philosophical and smart but not obnoxiously so 😉 

P.S. If your book club is looking for a great read, we got it in the bag! 

Twice(-ish) a month, the librarians are in, with their favorite recommendations in Two Book Minimum, a toe-to-toe discussion on a book or topic, as well as news from the book world, updates from Lawrence Public Library, and beyond.
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