015: Holiday Gift-Giving Cornucopia Extravaganza!

Book Squad Podcast 015: Holiday Gift-Giving Cornucopia Extravaganza!

We took a break from our usual format to bring you this special episode FULL of gift book recommendations (or just things you might want to gift yourself!)

Listen to the latest episode:

From Kate:

Books for travelers— 36 Hours in USA and Canada: NYCEast CoastWest Coast, etc. (Browse the whole New York Times series here)

Cookbooks for 90s lovers—

Books for word nerds—

Young Feminist Starter Pack—

Even Younger Feminist Starter Pack—

Woke Starter Pack—

Gifts for your weird friend—

From Polli:

Books that felt like Gifts this year—

Books for regular nerds—

Food and Book Pairings—

New Year Resolution: Do more Yoga—

Book for when the worlds has gotten you down Anything by Mr. Rogers Or Jim Henson. The World According to Mr. Rogers. And It’s not Easy Being Green Just Plain Awesome:

Happy reading and buying! Remember to go local whenever possible! Coming soon at LPL: Winter Reading Bingo!

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