From sweet treats to awesome reads, vendors for LPL Con are local businesses who can’t wait to tempt you with their amazing goods.

Middle School Geek Comics
Based in Lawrence, KS we are a regional comic book vendor that focuses on golden - modern age comics.

Cursed Candle Co.
Candles and scents in black for your prairie witch needs.

LPL Friends and Foundation
Your favorite Library Book sellers are bringing a special collection of comics for $2 each!

Eileen's Colossal Cookies
Get cookies from one of Lawrence's favorite spots for sweet treats!

Dice Throne
Often described to new players as "Yahtzee meets Magic: The Gathering", Dice Throne is a fast and strategic game of card play and dice manipulation for 2-6 Players.

RPG Lawrence
RPG is a community hub for food, games, and coming together to celebrate the two. Our goal is to provide a place where everyone. Our staff, our guests, and our community, feels welcome, accepted, and comfortable just… being.

Chops Comics
A Lawrence-based comic book store with golden age, through modern books.

Mass Street Soda
Mass Street Soda is a local, downtown business in Lawrence, Kansas. We carry over 1,300 varieties of soda.