Teen Night Panels

7:15 - 8:00 PM

YA Author Q&A

If you‘re a reader, an aspiring writer, or both, this session is for you! Join Margo, the Teen Services Librarian, in conversation with three local Young Adult authors. Britney S. Lewis is the Kansas award-winning author of The Undead Truth of Us, The Dark Place, and the upcoming paranormal romance series, Blood Moon. Sarah Henning is the author of several books for young adults including Sea Witch, Sea Witch Rising, The Princess Will Save You, and many others. Amanda Sellet is a former journalist who has written book reviews for The Washington Post, personal essays for NPR, and two YA romcoms, By the Book and Belittled Women.

Team STEAM Robotics is an all-area high school robotics team based in Lawrence, Kansas. Team STEAM will show off their competition robot, talk about their club, and let guests test their robot piloting skills.

Intro to EVA Foam with Jessica Jurczak
Meeting Room C
Are you new to cosplay? Don’t know what this “EVA foam” material is? Learn about it all and more in this introduction to EVA foam for cosplay! We will discuss what EVA foam is, the various applications and techniques used with foam, priming and painting, and using EVA foam with other mediums. From cosplay armor to props to more, there are endless possibilities!

All Ages Day Panels

Panel Session #1
2:15- 3:00 PM

Sunshine Rush
Enjoy a special performance from KC-based cosplay dance idol group Sunshine Rush!

Borrowed Settings for Roleplaying Games
Meeting Room C
Do you have a favorite book, movie, video, or comic for which there's no published game treatment? Come up with your own adaptation! Pick a set of "universal" game rules and use them to portray the world and invent scenarios.

William Stoddard has run a dozen campaigns set in fictional worlds with no published game treatments. You can find more info in his recent book for Steve Jackson Games, GURPS Adaptations.

Panel Session #2
3:15-4:00 PM

LPL Readers Advisory
Not sure what to read? Let our experts guide you!

So your kid wants to be a Pokemon master? How to play the TCG
Meeting Room B
In this panel for adults & families, we'll learn how to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game, the fundamentals of building a deck, and finally, we'll battle it out!

Hannah Parks hosts the Pokémon League at the Lawrence Public Library on the third Thursday of every month! This event is for children and teens from ages 8-18, however, many parents and guardians have asked for guidance on how to play themselves and she is delighted to provide a chance to learn!

Cosplay Q&A With MaveyWavie
Meeting room C
Do you have an interest in cosplay but aren't too sure where to start? Come join MaveyWavie and ask your burning questions about making, fabricating, competing, judging, and even guesting.

MaveyWavie is an award-winning cosplayer and voice actor from Kansas City. With 6 years of cosplaying experience, and 1 year of fabricating, Mavis makes a wide array of costumes for anime, video games, TV shows, and even movies. Mavis's goal is to become one of the "best" cosplayers in the world, while also spreading positivity and creativity along the way.

Panel session #3
4:15- 5:00 PM

Cosplay 101
What is cosplay? Join expert cosplayers as they discuss how to get started in cosplay and everything a first-time cosplayer needs to know!

Synth building blocks
Meeting Room B
Learn all about LPL‘s custom-made synthesizer.

How Comics Are Made
Meeting Room C
Learn how comics are made with artist and writer Ande Parks. Ande has been a comic book artist and writer for more than three decades. He is known for his work on Green Arrow, Batman Beyond, Ant-Man, Wonder Woman, and countless other characters. His graphic novel, Ciudad, is the basis for Netflix's "Extraction" franchise.

Panel Session #4
5:15-6:00 PM 

Cosplay Runway
Strut your stuff and show off your cosplay creations!

Don’t Throw it Away Yet! Recycling and Thrifting Cosplays
Meeting Room C
Can't get a cosplay in time or tired of something in your closet? Come find out how to recycle, restore, or get rid of your cosplays.

Hanah is a local KC cosplayer and costumer for the stage. Her goals include being a conscious spender on cosplay and valuing thrifted and recycled materials. She enjoys seeing people using different resources and problem-solving how we can create less impact on the planet.