Cosplay 101 (Auditorium, 4:30- 5 PM)

What is cosplay? Join expert cosplayers, Diana the Great, Kris Davis and Pros & Cons Cosplay as they discuss how to get started in cosplay, what they wish they knew, and everything a first time cosplayer needs to know. There will be lots of time for questions!

Diana the Great, Kris Davis, and Pros & Cons Cosplay have been cosplaying in the KC region and around the country for many, many years. They are all expert crafters who attend cons, participate in cosplay contests and even win awards! 

Start Your Campaign Easier, Better, Faster, Stronger (Readers' Theater, 4:30- 5 PM)

Want to hit the ground running with your next RPG campaign? What if you could do that while actually reducing your GM prep? In this panel, we’ll discuss some simple GM tools to get your players more engaged, integrate their characters more deeply, and make your world more immersive from the very first session. 

As a GM, Ben Markley has introduced dozens of newcomers to RPGs by running games that empower players through collaborative world-building and a narrative-first focus. He also designs games that focus on story over systems (available at that 

Creating Comics and Graphic Novels (Auditorium, 5:15- 5:45 PM)

Join writer and inker Ande Parks for a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of comics and graphic novels. Learn how your favorite comics are written, drawn, and brought to life, as well as how you can take your own ideas from thoughts and dreams to paper and ink!

Ande Parks has worked as a comic book artist and writer for more than three decades. His work ‘Ciudad’ was adapted into the film ‘Extraction’ starring Chris Hemsworth, and is currently Netflix’s most-watched feature film. Parks is also known for his writing and inking on titles such as Daredevil, Ant-Man, Superman, Wonder Woman and Nightwing.

You Shall Pass! Sci-Fi & Fantasy for All (Readers' Theater, 5:15- 5:45 PM)

Ever felt judged for flocking to the latest Fantasy page-turner? Or isolated and alone when all you want to do is discuss the high-brow, esoteric Sci-Fi you just finished? Have you been on the receiving end of eye rolls when people discover that you have dumped hundreds of hours into Elden Ring or that you cosplay as Luke Skywalker every weekend? Come to this discussion to find out why the SF&F gate needs to be wide open, and there ought to be room for all under the SF&F tent.

Shayne Henry is a townie husband, father, English teacher, and SF&F lover. He often can’t remember if that one cool scene is from the book he’s currently reading, the show he’s currently binging, the video game he’s currently playing, or the podcast he’s currently listening to. But wherever it’s from, there’s a great chance that it’s about zombies.