062: Uh Oh, There Are Ghosts

Welcome back to the Book Squad Podcast! It's finally autumn: the season of crunchy leaves, cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and scary the crap outta yourself while watching a scary movie. What drives people to watch and read horror stories? Join Book Squad members Polli Kenn, Adam Lopez and special guest Christina James as they talk about the possible reasons behind why some of us like getting scared. In this episode Polli does a lot of navel gazing, Adam hangs out with some goats, and Christina really likes mowing the lawn. 

Remember folks, there's a horror & romance novel for everyone: "everyone's got their kink, everyone's got their blood lust level." 

Happy Reading!

The Book Squad Podcast is recorded in the SOUND+VISION Studio at Lawrence Public Library. A big shout out to the incredibly talented Heidi Gluck for composing our jingle, and for Joel Bonner for editing the show. 


All of the books mentioned...


Polli's Holds List Honey

The Scarlet Letter

The Gathering Dark

Adam's Holds List Honey


Christina's Holds List Honey

Bird Box


Polli's Two Book Minimum

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

Polli's Two Book Minimum

Tiny Beautiful Things

Call Down the Hawk

(actually there are swords in this series, ope)


Adam's Two Book Minimum

Patricia Wants to Cuddle

Adam's Two Book Minimum

"if you like cryptids... and also The Bachelor"

Suffer the Children

Christina's Two Book Minimum

The Troop

Christina's Two Book Minimum

tw: animal death, animal cruelty, worms

The Dark



My Heart Is A Chainsaw

The Weight of Blood


White Smoke


fact check: James Han Mattson identifies as gay


Night Shift

"The Lawnmower Man"