WHOA, That’s a Lot of Books!

If you’re a consummate follower of LPL’s lists, then you may have noticed some whoppers hitting the web. I have almost finished putting together my list of 100 Great Books for Toddlers (waiting on some replacements) while others in the Youth Services Staff have put together some other great lists of 100 great books. But why?!?! Well, starting in September LPL will be offering a brand new program that promotes literacy and learning while you can earn swag and bragging points, basically it’s summer reading on crack. 1000 Books Before Kindergarten has been adopted in libraries around the country, and it has finally come to LPL thanks to the tireless work of Karen and Jenny in Children’s and the Library Foundation. We are so excited to bring you this program and hence the 100 book lists.

However you want to look at it 1000 books is a lot to read, so we’re rolling out lists from 50-100 books to help you on your way. Here are the ones we have so far:

100 Classic and Popular Picture Books
100 Great Books for Toddlers
100 Picture Books for Preschoolers
100 Books for Babies (0-23 months)!
100 Nonfiction Books About Animals!

Plus look for these others coming soon:

100 books about the arts and music!
100 folk, fairy, and fantasy tales!
100 books about nature!

Don’t be afraid to hit up a librarian for suggestions, we’re more than happy to help you find something, so you won’t have to read Goodnight Moon for the millionth time. BUT on the plus side, if you do read Goodnight Moon a million times, you’ll be done in no time! Yep it doesn’t matter if it’s a repeat title or if you read 1000 unique books. Everytime you read a book it counts.

If you’ve got more questions, head over to the 1000 Books landing page. It has all the details and information on how to sign up and get started. Plus come to our Launch Party on September 9th. There will be piles of 1000 things and a special storytime put together by your favorite LPL storytellers. We’re excited to start this journey with you and help you along the way. Now, Go forth and read! Those 1000 books aren’t going to read themselves... *

*Pssssst…. You can totally count all the books that are read at the Launch Party and in storytimes too… We’ll even do some of the work for ya 😉