Harry Potter Book Night 2019 Preview

Harry Potter Book Night, aka the most wonderful night of the year, is rapidly approaching. If you've been hoarding your Galleons and Knuts for a trip to the Wizarding World in Florida, then we have just the HP fix for you at Abe and Jake's Landing next Thursday. Seriously you don't want to miss out on this extravaganza of Harry Potter excellence. Whether you can't wait for a wand to choose the wizard or you've been wanting magical creature of your own, we at LPL are here to make your Harry Potter dreams come true.

Before I blow your minds with all the details of this magical evening, let's get the specifics out of the way: February 7, 2019 from 6- 8 PM @ Abe and Jake's Landing. We've got a mixture of free and paid activities, so if you're wanting a butterbeer or some HP swag then bring your muggle money. But if you want to get your face painted, your future told or to participate many other activities, all you'll have to do is wave your wand.

If you haven't made it out to Harry Potter Book Night yet, there are some awesome things that we do every year that you're going to want to do while you're there. You can get sorted into your house by the Sorting Hat, participate in Harry Potter Trivia to prove your house is by far the most superior, plus you can make your own wand, take a stroll down a mini Diagon Alley, and of course rock out to the totally rad Harry and the Potters Show towards the end of the evening. We did it all last year and we are doing them again this year. 

BUT we always try to grow our wizarding world just a couple sizes larger each year, so if all of the above sounds a little old hat, then welcome to the new and awesome stuff we have planned for HP Book Night 2019. FACE PAINTING! MAKE YOUR OWN BOWTRUCKE! COLLECT MAGICAL CREATURES IN YOUR OWN SCAMANDER SUITCASE! VISIT FLOURISH AND BLOTTS (hosted by the Friends of the Lawrence Public Library, you know... the purveyors of all your favorite book sales) ! I DON'T KNOW WHY I AM YELLING! PROBABLY BECAUSE I AM SO EXCITED! But seriously, all of those! Plus there will be free cookies and you'll get to make your own owl to perch on your shoulder. 

If all of this sounds like a Harry Potter celebration that you need to be apart of, then we will see you on Thursday. We're excited to transport you to another world and explore one of our favorite book series without ever leaving Lawrence.