Fast Track to Teacher’s Pet + PRIZES!!!

If you've picked up your list of school supplies or tossed the school newsletter onto the mail pile, you already know: Back to school time is fast approaching!

Whether you're excited for the start of the new school year, or hoping there’s an enormous time paradox that locks us into eternal summer, you'll benefit from these book lists from local teachers and school librarians. What would be better than impressing the HECK out of your teacher by reading the books off their list before you get to class??? NOTHING!

Plus, by embarking on a last-ditch-effort summer reading marathon, you can be both impressive and easily EARN PRIZES! That’s right, for the low, low price of reading 12 books you can get all of the amazing stuff pictured here:

Do the reading! Impress the people! Get the prizes!!!

Go get your prizes


William Allen White 2018- 2019

Early Chapter Books

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

If you are a teacher or school librarian and you have some lists you’d love to throw into the mix, let us know! We’ll be happy to add them in!