056: The One Where We Start Again

Polli Kenn and Kimberly Lopez are back at it (again) for more shenanigans (again), and this time they have even more books to discuss! Listen to the podcast to hear Kimberly completely butcher the premise of The School for Good Mothers (the main character has to take care of a toddler doll, not a robot child, because this isn’t A.I.) and keep listening to hear Polli (definitely not) lose her mind over a certain co-worker’s Wordle habits. 

The podcast has been revived! Get ready for the madness!

Show Notes:

The School for Good Mothers was published in January of 2022.

The Kingdoms starts in the late 1800’s.

Guy Pearce stars in Memento, not Tom Cruise.

The narrator for A Court of Thorns and Roses is Jennifer Ikeda.

The Death of Vivek Oji is the title of the Akwaeke Emezi book Kimberly was blabbering about.

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For a full list of all of the books discussed during this episode, click here.

And, as always, HAPPY READING!