013: The Dilemma! The Art vs. The Artist

Book Squad Podcast 013: The Dilemma! The Art vs. The Artist 

We skipped bookish news in order to bring you a (slightly) short(er) episode!

Two Book Minimum:

Note: what Kate meant was omniscient, not omnipresent.




1.  knowing everything.
“the story is told by an omniscient narrator”

She Said/She Said: THE DILEMMA. 

Can a work of art be separated from the artist? Kate and Polli have feelz.

Some notes:

“The Dilemma” — Polli’s brill blog post

“The ‘Product of Its Time’ Defense: No Excuse for Sexism and Racism” by Noah Berlatsky in The Atlantic (2014)

Are these books with problematic authors canon because they’re essentially better? Or do we perpetuate the canonization by continually reading/teaching them? Could they die out if we chose not to? OR NOT. IDK.

What are we up to this week? 



  • First BLACK Lawrence art exhibit (10/27) – check out the FB event for more details and stay tuned for upcoming events!
    • Movie night! 3rd Weds at Franks North Star Tavern -  7pm and 9pm (with free popcorn from Liberty Hall!) Check their Facebook page and watch for details on the 11/15 showings!
  • And? Also my birfday. (11/3)

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