Book Squad Podcast

Book Squad Podcast

The librarians are in with their favorite recommendations in Two Book Minimum, a toe-to-toe discussion on a book or topic, as well as news from the book world, library updates, and beyond.

Tune in monthly for a new episode.

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068: The People of the Book

We're giving recommendations for Jewish American Heritage Month: magical realism, fairytales, coming-of-age stories, romance, and more!

067: We Heart Libraries

In this episode, we talk about what made us want to become librarians and then we talk about books, some more books, and oh yeah, books!

066: Spring Has Sproinged

In today's episode we're touching grass. In today's episode we talk about nature, bugs, and our upcoming Wakarusa Wetlands Celebrations.

she / her

I'm into memoirs, romance, family sagas, sociological musings, books about how or why, wit and wordplay, and stories that immerse and transport. You can find me here.

they / them

I like portal fantasy, fairy tales, Gothic fiction, true crime podcasts, Queer romance, and short stories. I'm a die-hard Hufflepuff, eccentric Leo, and hot mess. You can find me here.


ABOUT: Launched in 2016, the Book Squad Podcast was created to help connect you with your next great read. Whether you're a total book nerd running out of ideas, a lapsed reader looking to reconnect with books again, or a reluctant reader who's conviced books just aren't for you, hosts Polli and Adam bring an encyclopedic scope of what's out there. From die-hard readers to curiosity seekers, tune in, get inspired, and fall in love with books again (or the very first time.)

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