S + V Recording Studio

S+V Recording Studio

The Recording Studio is equipped for full audio production and has 2 rooms:

  1. The Control Room - Where the recording process is controlled and monitored. This room is centered around an Apple computer equipped with most popular audio software, Apogee audio interfaces, Presonus control surface and monitor speakers, and even our custom LPL modular synthesizer.
  2. The Live Room - Where audio is recorded. Typically, a performer plays, sings, or speaks into a microphone in the live room and is recorded to the computer in the control room. Drums, guitars, amps, keyboards, and a large microphone selection are all available to use on your next musical endeavor. An entire band can even record all at once - in a library!

Common projects include:

  • Singing/Rapping
  • Playing and recording musical instruments
  • Recording full band performances
  • Audio editing/mixing
  • Creation and experimentation using the LPL Modular Synthesizer

For detailed information about the Recording Studio or to book a session, click below.


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