Reading Around the World

The end of summer comes and all we have left are our traveler’s blues. Maybe you’re missing all of your summer travels, maybe you just couldn’t get enough travel over summer break, or maybe you did none at all. For all those who feel like they’re missing out, here is the perfect book/playlist to knock the edge off of that wanderlust. Each song is named/based after a location and is paired with book related to that location.

Here we go, reading around the world!

  • Takes place in Arizona, and with the heat, it's probably accurate.
  • Book: Hellworld - Tom Leveen
  • Song: Arizona - Pedro The Lion

  • Entirely set in Minnesota, for some reason.
  • Book: Just a Girl - Carrie Mesrobian
  • Song: Minnesota - Harbor and Home

  • Set in CA, where penicillin can be found under every bus seat.
  • Book: The 57 Bus - Dashka Slater
  • Song: Oh, California - Bootstraps

  • Set in modern South Africa, home of Dave Matthews and Apartheid.
  • Book: Kaleidoscope Song - Fox Benwell 
  • Song: Africa- TOTO

  • Set in Tuscany, Italy, so I hope you like pasta.
  • Book: Love and Gelato - Jenna Evans Welch
  • Song: Pompeii- Bastille