Family Read-a-likes!

Hello, Lawrence Library Lovers!

I have a problem, and I'm wondering if anyone else can relate. I come from a very bookish family and when I was younger, I was constantly being told I couldn't read the vampire/action/romance books my parents read, because they were a little "mature" for me. Now that I am an adult, I'm finding myself having the same sorts of problems with younger people in my life. So if you're interested in a particular genre, and you'd like to read them with your kids, or siblings, or parents, this blog post is a good way to start! I tried to assemble a list of books within a particular genre/subject, and I have provided an example for Children's, Young-Adult, and Adult literature that can be found here at LPL.

East list below will follow the format Youngest to Oldest for intended audience. However, there's nothing wrong with reading Children's or YA books as an adult, and some children may very well be ready for some of these higher readers!

Books with Dragons: Because dragons are awesome for all ages.

Books about Space: The Final Frontier, which can be very fun...and also pretty spooky.

Books with Fairies: There are many different kinds of fairies for any audience (with and without dust). 

Books with Robots/Androids: WHO DOESN'T LIKE ROBOTS!?

Holmesian Mysteries: Mysteries are a huge genre and with this many Sherlock inspired novels, there's always something for everyone!